Welcome to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Payment and Reporting System (PARS), written in the Java programming language and accessible only to authorized personnel. This accompanying online Help will assist you, the grantee, in getting familiar with the Web-based FEMA Payment and Reporting System, commonly shortened in this Help guide to the Payment and Reporting System. This version of the Help for FEMA is dated August 24, 2009 and includes procedures for requesting grant payment.

The Payment and Reporting System enables you to view grant information and send the Financial Report FFR/SF 425 electronically, or request a payment from your grant. You may establish contact information and maintain your user information.

Pop-Ups and Links to Other Topics

For viewing pop-up definitions of terms used throughout the Help or for jumping to a related section, click on the words or phrases typed in color and underscored with a solid line.

Notation Conventions

Terms that are highlighted in boldface represent user entries. These are keys or buttons that you should click on or press, such as in the instruction, "Click OK at the bottom of the page to close the window," or items from an area (on a menu) that you should select (by single-clicking the left mouse button).

The term "click" signifies that you should press the left mouse button one time (that is, single-click).

Variables (values that vary from one user to another or in different situations) for input or in error messages are indicated in italics; for example, "Enter your current password in the Old Password field."

Error messages (or system checks) and warning messages, as well as the reasons they appear, are indicated in boxes labeled "ERROR MESSAGES" and "WARNING MESSAGES," respectively, following the procedure step to which they most closely pertain.


The Web-based Payment and Reporting System requires a browser as your system platform — Microsoft® Internet Explorer Version 5 and beyond — and Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® 6.0 and beyond.


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